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Westland Milk Products General Manager Supply Chain Raul Elias-Drago says:

“Westland has long had a dual system of transport utilising both road and rail, with a built-in ability to switch between the two depending on volumes, time of year, product mix, and, of course, road and rail conditions. The choice of transport mode has been an important part of our day to day operations and a corner stone in developing a flexible supply chain: it’s part of our West Coast DNA. This means we are well set up to cover contingencies such as the current disruption to the east-west rail line.

Westland is able to utilise its own fleet of trucks and has partnerships with other carriers to transport goods as and when required. These are strong partnerships that have been in place for some time and the system works smoothly and cost effectively. The number of additional truck journeys will depend on our needs and what goods are being transported for export, which can vary every day.

Additionally, we have had several road transport carriers contacting to say they have capacity to help us out should we need it. Nevertheless, our own systems are working very well at this stage and can be maintained indefinitely so there is no pressure as regards the length of time it might take for rail to be operating again.”


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