Finance and Membership

Westland Milk Products is one of the top 100 businesses in New Zealand (New Zealand Management Magazine, December 2013), with a turnover of $830 million. It’s thanks to the loyalty of our shareholders and their support of our truly co-operative model that in 2014 we provided returns of $522 million to our shareholders through the payout for milk supplied.

The strategic decision made in 2010 to grow our milk supply and expand the manufacture of added value nutritional products and consumer brands aims to strengthen our payout to shareholders for milk supplied. With the support of our shareholders and customers, we have confidence that our strategy sets the company up for an exciting and sustainable future.

All financial information regarding Westland Milk Products in this finance and member section of our website is taken from the audited financial statements of the Westland Milk Products group of companies dated as of 31 July each year.

Other information has been compiled from publicly available sources.  Copies of this information are available from Westland on request. 

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