Our Farms

Our company is, and always has been, entirely owned by the farmers who provide our milk.  They truly value the importance of quality and consistency. 

With over 400 farms providing milk for Westland, our farmer shareholders form an integral part of the local community and New Zealand’s second largest dairy co-operative. Our communities look to our farmers to provide environmental leadership, and our milk supply team closely supports them.

Our farmers know that farming excellence depends on lush pastures, healthy herds and sustainable practices. We have one of the best dairy farming environments in the world with fertile soils and high levels of rainfall and sunshine.

Farming excellence will allow us to continue producing genuine New Zealand dairy well into the future.

Farm Fact Snapshot

The information below relates to the Westland Milk Products Annual Report 2017

  • 429 Westland Farms

    429 Westland Farms

  • 735,000,000 litres of milk collected

    735,000,000 litres of milk collected

  • 400 average herd size

    400 average herd size

Westland Profiles Multi-generational farm finds success in dairying

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story jarman yard

Meet Paul and Ann Jarman, suppliers from Darfield in Canterbury.  As they talk to Regional Milk Supply Manager Tony Watson, the couple discuss the philosophies behind the effective running of their dairy farm in Canterbury. 

With five generations of sheep and crop farming behind them, the Jarman’s converted 135 hectares of their farm to dairy last year.   Weekly technical monitoring of soil moisture levels, has allowed for more efficient irrigation planning, which provide both economic and environmental advantages. Their healthy, well-bred herd of 550 Friesian-Jersey, otherwise known as kiwi cross, cows are especially content on their naturally sheltered Canterbury farm.

Having farmed on the same property for close to 150 years the Jarman’s say they are privileged to be able to farm the land their forefathers did, and are comfortable in knowing that their decisions today can ensure their families continual involvement in farming community for many years to come.

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