Our Community

Westland Milk Products has a large sphere of influence on the West Coast. Working towards a sound and sustainable future, we’re committed to supporting a wide range of partners from the grass roots up.

In recognition of the loyalty we receive from the community, our sponsorship programme contributes to schools, sporting organisations and charities to enrich the local area.  This support helps to build confidence and teamwork, and to develop young people into the leaders of the future. 

As one of the major industries in the region, we generate substantial employment and earnings.  This level of influence extends well beyond our dairying shareholders, into the homes and businesses of our communities up and down the Coast and throughout Canterbury. 

Community Health

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Ronald McDonald House South Island
Westland Milk Products is a proud supporter of Ronald McDonald House South Island in Christchurch, in particular the Westland Room. Ronald McDonald House South Island helps support families while their children receive hospital care. More than 25% of families who spend time here are from the West Coast. It’s more than just somewhere to stay; it’s a home away from home. Ronald McDonald House South Island eases some of the practical worries by providing a home in a positive, supportive environment where families can concentrate on their child’s recovery.

“Without generous corporate supporters like Westland Milk Products we cannot continue to provide services to families and plan for the future. We are grateful to have committed sponsors who believe in supporting and being a part of their community.

We often get feedback from families who are so grateful to have stayed in the Westland Room, demonstrating just how valuable Westland’s Room Sponsorship is.

One such family was the Murphys of Greymouth, who spent 75 nights in the Westland Room while their daughter Tasja was being treated on the oncology ward.  Mum Natasha Murphy told us, ‘It’s great to be home, but I do miss Ronald McDonald House South Island because it made our hard journey that little bit easier.  It is a truly amazing place that we always call home when we are there!’

In 2013 the Westland Room provided 544 bed nights to 23 families in need. Of those, 32% were from the West Coast. This usage shows us how impactful this sponsorship is to families that utilise Ronald McDonald House South Island, and families from Westland Milk Products’ own community.”  Emma Jones, CEO, Ronald McDonald House South Island

Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust

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Providing vital services around our region, the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust supports the Westpac Air Rescue Helicopter, NZCC Rescue and the New Zealand Flying Doctor Service. 

Community Sport

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Westland is proud to encourage the children of the West Coast to get involved in sport, and maintain healthy lives. By sponsoring a range of local sporting organisations we hope to ensure that kids throughout the region have access to the same level of coaching and equipment of those in the larger cities. Every year clubs use their sponsorship money to buy uniforms and equipment and to pay for travel. Occasionally the sponsorship is also used to fund unique projects. 

West Coast rugby League has been able to help fund a Coaching and Development officer for the region using Westland’s sponsorship. 

“The C&D officer is a real need within the schools and our clubs. He is linked to a network of his counterparts throughout NZ and the national body ensures he is kept abreast of current trends. This has offset our long felt isolation and we now feel up with the play. Quite apart from Rugby League specific activity he is providing general sports skills to hundreds of youngsters.” Peter Kerridge, Chairman, West Coast Rugby League 

West Coast Netball has been able to implement and new junior netball program for young players aged 5-8, which is aimed at teaching the fundamental skills required to introduce them to the sport. 

“The sponsorship has enabled us to fully fund the programme supplying all the required equipment such as hoops, balls to get this new programme up and running with great success”  Allie Costello, Secretary, West Coast Netball

Community Schools

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West Coast Schools
Today’s students are our future leaders, so ensuring children on the coast receive the best education possible is important to Westland Milk Products.  Sometimes, due to the remoteness of the West Coast, students don’t always get the same opportunities and support as their counterparts in larger centres.

To help overcome some of this shortfall, all schools on the West Coast receive an annual contribution from Westland Milk Products.

“A small isolated school such as ours finds it a challenge to raise sufficient funds to provide the important resources and support for our children’s learning. Westland’s sponsorship enables many students from families with little disposable income to take a full and active part in a wider range of school programmes.”  Peter King, Principal of Maruia School

“Thank you for your support, which we put towards our Christchurch Schools Music Festival trip.  Six of the students went and sang in the festival, and that amazing experience couldn’t have happened without your donation.”  Joy Baker, Principal of Runanga School

We also support the following organisations:
Federated Farmers