Our People

The success of Westland Milk Products is largely due to the commitment we have to and from our people.  Our talented employees are experts in their fields, and many of them have enjoyed a range of different roles through their years with the company.

The dairy industry offers an abundance of career opportunities. Within our organisation, we enable our people to experience the various facets of the business, and to advance their careers with us. 

Our very successful cadet programme, with a retention rate of 80% since its introduction in 2005, demonstrates the desire of our people to follow career pathways within the company.

We’re recognised as one of the top employers in our industry, and we’ve always attracted great people.  We invest heavily in training, professional development, and mentoring support programmes.  This dedication to our employees ensures we continue to motivate and inspire them, and to provide them with new opportunities which build their capability.

Talent at Westland

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Plenty of opportunities for talented young people at Westland
Our Scholarship and Cadet programmes focus on attracting well-educated young people to our company, creating a valuable talent pool of future employees.  With a large number of career options available across our business, investing in scholarships and cadetships has proven to be a sustainable and successful way to develop this talent pool.

Matthew Evans 
Matt Evans entered the cadet programme after completing a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in strategy and entrepreneurship.

“Being a cadet is about learning and being adaptable,” says Matt.  “Moving around in the company requires the ability to learn things quickly and have a proactive attitude.  Being a cadet is about getting involved and getting your hands dirty.  As cadets, we are exposed to every facet of Westland.  This not only shows us the inner workings of each department but how they work with each other to form Westland Milk Products,” he says.