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We have one of the most technically advanced and flexible plants in the world, capable of producing over 250 varying
product specifications, covering the full range of Milk Powders and Fats, Milk Proteins, Bioactive, Consumer and Nutritional
Products. Below is a complete overview of our product portfolio.

Milk Powders

Westland Milk Products manufacture a wide range of premium quality, high specification milk powders under our WestproTM brand.

Milk Proteins

Westland Milk Products manufacture and are constantly developing a wide range of premium quality milk protein products under our WestproTM brand.

Consumer Products

We have the ability to package butter into retail sized formats for final consumer consumption.

  • Retail Butter


A number of spray and freeze dried premium bioactive products, are all produced on our Hokitika site from the highest quality fresh milk. 


An overwhelming increase in worldwide demand for Nutritional products has resulted in our range of high quality WestproTM Nutrition powders. 

  • Infant Formula Base
  • Follow-On Base
  • GUMP Base

Cream Products

High quality cream products are produced at our Hokitika site including salted and unsalted bulk butter and anhydrous milk fat.

  • Salted Bulk Butter
  • Unsalted Bulk Butter
  • Anhydrous Milk Fat – AMF